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Friday, June 27, 2008

Heller v. DC

So the SCOTUS sided with individual rights on Heller. I'd like to say nasty mean spirited things to Sarah Brady. I'll refrain but I've got a running chorus of them in my mind at all times!

But every person who values liberty needs to realize this does not close the debate on individual gun rights. Governments, of all shapes, sizes and municipalities can regulate them.

What many don't realize is the Heller the man named in the suit still will have mucho problemos getting a gun in D.C. because the district regulates gun stores. There are no legal FFL's (for those that don't know that's who you have to go to, in order to buy a gun) in the D.C. And since it's illegal to buy a handgun outside of your state... Heller is still S.O.L.

But what does that mean for the rest of us. It means congress can still regulate Caliber i.e. 50 BMG 'the Airline killer', the 5.7 'cop killer'. Both serve minimal purposes but are heck a lot of fun and are legal. For now. The BMG is so expensive as to be counter productive for any illegal activity. The 5.7 you can't buy the armor penetrating ammo. It's not available. Only the military and cops can get it; remember that next time a cop gets killed and they claim cop killer bullets, if they are around they came from outside the U.S. (a felony and should have no bearing on our internal politics except for border security), or are from the cops or stolen/from the military.

Government can also regulate ammo capacity, i.e. the 94 Clinton Gun Ban. they can say 5 rounds (not likely but possible) and even your antique revolvers would be banned. Or they could say 7 rounds and then we have neutered magazines again. Or we can go back to the old standby of 10rds.

Even more fun they could ban all sales of "military calibers." This is the law in Mexico and most South American countries. So instead of 9mm people carry 38 Super or .380. Say goodbye to your 9mm or .45 your AR in .223/5.56 and your .308. Not likely but I really want people to understand the depth to which Heller truly does not limit our government.

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