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Friday, January 18, 2008


I saw on the news this week about the guy who tried to jump, yes JUMP as in peter pan right off the freaking Empire State Building! No sane person (you may argue the parachute issue, I retain my statement) JUMPS off a building!

But worse, this ass hat now is SUING, as in demanding money because he was traumatized by the security guard. WTF?!?

And people say we don't need tort reform.

I read about the two 13 year old boys who were molested by a 13 year old girl, so they are all the same age, in Alaska. The girl was arrested, and unless I'm mistaken, she'll be tried as a sex offender. When I was 13 if a girl molested you, one of two things were happening. 1, you were really excited about it! Or 2, you chased the hag away. DUH! I can understand "protecting the kids" from adults, that's what we should be doing. But "protecting" 2 thirteen year old boys? Man up!

And people say we don't need tort reform.

I read about the founder of NO GUNS being charged with and pleading no contest to possesion, manufacturer and transport for sale of an unlawful assault weapon. While I think that any restriction of our 2nd Amendment right is bunk (I do believe ciolent criminals should not have them) but I do believe that the people should respect the laws that we have. So it's easy to assume then that the founder of NO GUNS did this whole program simply as a cover for his "homies?" After all he was providing weapons to a violent street gang.

It's just too bad they didn't get Sarah Brady for reckless endangerment with her piece.

And people think anti-gun organizations are just out to protect the kiddies.

Ok, I'm pissed. I was going to leave the Tiger incident at the San Fran zoo alone. But I can't. These idiots taunted this animal, one of the greatest predators in the world, and um yeah, all three got mauled and one died. WELL NO SHIT! You TAUNTED A FREAKING TIGER! I've known I didn't want to mess with a tiger since I was a kid and I saw THE JUNGLE BOOK! I'm no Mowgli, I'm not going there! Screw that! And these punk kids from a punk town that thinks it can outlaw pain and suffering and um yeah bad people too, got what they freaking deserved! Social Darwinism. Idiots die, the smart survive! But I'm really pissed that San Fran PD killed the damn tiger over it. There are only a few hundred left world wide and we KILLED it because two jerkoffs that were prime candidates for retro active abortion were getting eaten? They should have stayed away, let the tiger get good and full, fall asleep and shoot it with a tranq! Then while happy big cat is snoring contentedly, we wheelbarrow his orange striped self back inside where he belongs. GEEZ! Kill the tiger for an idiot that's a trade the world came out on top!

And people say that kids have it to hard these days.

Osama Bin Ladens son want's to be an ambassador for peace. Great! I'm all for peace! Get your dad to surrender! Hell I'd be happy if he surrendered to Saudi Arabia, England, he he, or Israel! Usama Bin Laden on behalf of the American people I accept your request to be an ambassador for peace, on one of two conditions. Either get your dad to surrender, or go kill him. After all it's in the name of peace, for peace with the religion of peace. Better that one man should perish. Hell I'll have you over for dinner within one week of you fulfilling your mission!

And people say I have no sense of humor!

To close, I'm sick of a beautiful world of people that will not stand up for themselves, and worse they are afraid of you and I standing up for OURSELVES!

I'm sick of the election already. I wish that each party would bring back the arena and let the candidates fight to the death, then we'd have Jon Edwards or Obama (I don't know who'd win except they'd team up to kill hillary) versus Fred Thompson. Of course I'd want Fred Thompson to start a caffeine drip because his lackadasical approach is really wearing me out.

What are you doing with your tax return this year? I'd really recommend buying something related to excersising your 2nd Amendment rights. Even if that's not your bag, because I believe that if 100 million Americans go buy a gun this year, 100 million NICS checks would send a message to every politician in America, don't mess with our Constitution! Of course that only works if those 100 million DON'T go dumb and vote for a swine who will set out to destroy our fundamental freedoms.


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