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Friday, January 25, 2008

What's in Your Pockets!?

Like a lot of guys I’ve walked around with a bunch of stuff in my pockets since reaching adult hood and leaving college. How many times have you gone to carry something else and realize that you’re almost out of space? Or worse you’re walking around carrying stuff in your hands? I can’t count the times I’ve torn pockets of pants from sharp edges on pocket knives, keys, and other assorted pocket flotsam.

Most guys I know carry quite the load!

Cell Phone
Keys – Car, House, Office, Desk, Trunk, Shed, Storage Unit and more
Pocket Knife
Planner/Calendar/Address Book
Extra Batteries
Gun (where legal)
Extra Magazines

Does this sound like your daily load? I realize not everyone carries a gun, but much of this probably sounds like some of the crap you cram into your pants, or try carrying with you everywhere you go. Worse, how often does one find them-self in the situation where they DON’T have what they need, even with all the crap they are carrying around?

My wife finally suggested I do something about it. I think she was suggesting I leave more than a few things behind. Instead I did one better, I got a purse. Or murse. A man-bag. A tote. Messenger Bag. Courier Pack. Info Camel. Whatever name you prefer. I went with the Maxpedition Versa pack, specifically the Colossus.

Now instead of just carrying the above, I can also carry a small first aid kit, hand sanitizer (I’m not a germ-a-phobe but do you know how many people don’t wash after dropping a dukie?), Ibuprofen (those with gout know what I’m talking about- a good size bottle of Ibuprofen is a life saver), I also carry an extra note pad, a camera, as a dad I’ve tucked in a couple of diapers and wipes, an extra pocket knife, pepper foam.

Now I won’t lie my buddies gave me hell for a while, still do on occasion. But nothing is more satisfying than a buddy saying damn does anybody have any…? And being able to supply, whatever, from the depths of a well organized pack. Shuts them up pretty well.

And best of all I have semi empty pockets. Check out the full review in the summer issue of PCO’s newsletter.

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