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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I like video games and I like good versions of the movies that are made based upon them. So if your like me you've been waiting a long time for a good video game movie transfer. If you like video games then you must know something of vast importance, Uwe Boll is the devil. This is the man responsible for the following horrible movies:

House of the Dead
Bloodrayne 1,2,3
Far Cry
Alone in the Dark

All four of these franchises were good to great. And very easily could have been transferred to a movie. It's a really simple process. Take the main summize of the game and make a movie with that same premise. Instead Mr. Boll feels that he is smart enough to recreate the entire story that gamers know and love. I could forgive him for Alone in the Dark as it wasn't my cup of tea. I could survive Bloodrayne, sort of. But I loved House of the Dead and Far Cry and he has and will continue to destroy easy entertainment. He must be stopped.

With that in mind there is a petition to convince him he must. Or at least to convince studios not to hire him.

So far 140k people have signed the petition. At 9 bucks a pop of people who will not watch a Uwe Boll movie. If I did my math right that's a lot of money studios lose by hiring Dr. Boll. So please sign this petition because He must be stopped!

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