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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Happens When The World Turns

Well last night in Vermont they still had 18 inches of snow on the mountains and people are still skiing. Unfortunately the skiing season is slowing down and Vermonts hiiking is supposed to be gearing up. BTW if you've never had a spring hike on a beautiful Vermont spring afternoon? Your missing a great pleasure in life! The Green Mountains are beautiful. But sadly all that snow is causing issues with their hiking season. Bummer on that whole global warming thing eh?

Steven Soderbergh is making a movie about the life and villainy of CHE Guevera. How much do you want to be that this will show the blood and cowardace of this pathetic footnote that should have been lost to history? Yeah Hollywood won't take that bet.

A group of fifteen women were burned to death by mobs that suspected them of witchcraft. Not to be contrary but the religion of peace stones and butchers women for much more petty "crimes" than this. No suprise but I do feel for the children of these women. Heck next to servitude to that, witchcraft looks pretty good!

California's state supreme court has opened the floodgates for homosexual marriage. I've already heard rumblings from Arizona's community who are planning marriage/honeymoons starting next month. And I hear that many are then (I would assume almost all) planning on sueing for Arizona to recognize their marriage. Personally I believe it's between you and god who your get intimate with. But where states are already persecuting organizations, including churches who WON'T recognize homosexuality and homosexual marriage, then I have a problem. So much for freedom of religion.

Ted Kennedy went sailing today now that he's out of the hospital. I know if I were dying I'd want to do something fun before I died. But I hope he's starting to sweat for all the crap he's put on this country and so many individuals and everything he's going to have to answer for. Mary Jo rest in peace.

God Bless America we need it more than ever

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