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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cause and Effect

I’m worn out, feel beaten and I’m ready for a break. My wife is “heavy with child,” it’s out 3rd but as I’m sure you can imagine I’m not getting much sleep. Thankfully we’re inducing tomorrow morning. It’s wicked early but it’s going to be great to welcome little Liam into our family.

So I’m tired from all that. Additionally last night I watched America piss away the 2008 election.

I see Romney (the only guy running who knows how to run anything and thinks that a capitalistic free market is a good thing) dropping out in the next 6 weeks. I don’t like it but with as few delegates as he procured last night…

So where does that leave us? I hear people saying well we’ll make it big in ’12. But where does that leave us?

It leaves us with 3 conniving back stabbing bastards running for president (I’m convinced the shillary beast is a man faking it so…) so America it’s time, BOHICA! I just hope they bring lots of KY jelly.

What is your plan for 2009 and beyond?

I see a few things happening, I’m hoping that we get Hillary or McCain (I’ll explain why in a minute). I believe that McCain will fight the fight against Islamists until he gets bent by congress. Hillary will play it tough for political expediency until the UN tells her to chill. Obama, well Obama isn’t even playing big boy ball yet so… And his acknowledging that he’s completely taken the nuclear option off the table proves it. I’m not a sick bastard wanting to kill people, any potential president who takes any option off the table without being advised by the pentagon and the DOD is an idiot, welcome back Jimmy Carter. Don’t make me also reiterate his American Flag/Patriotism bullshit.

So 2009:

First if you’re a member (even a lifer) of the NRA, I don’t care, grab your checkbook and drop 20-50-100-150 WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD to them. Why? Because all it will take is a left leaning house/senate and we’ll have another gun ban on our table WITH ANY OF THESE PEOPLE!

I believe McCain politically would submit to Republican pressure but the Repubs we have in Washington are all girlie men. (SCHWARZENNEGER YOU BETRAYED US!) But without a strong defense by the NRA we’re screwed! The GOA is worthless and there is no other national org worth mentioning.

McCain will sign whatever comes his way. Due to his supposed Republican nature I believe congress will try and make any gun ban attempt as “easy” a pill as possible to swallow. Just an expansion of the 94 ban. I don’t see it being the current one in the house because of the inclusion of things like the Garand etc. Again we’ve got to control our congress critters and empower our mouthpiece.

With Hillary I see her easily signing an expansion of the 94 Ban plus. Probably take out the 50BMG, forget the 5.7 from FN. We also lose any of the BIG BOOMERs like the .416 or other monsters. Without a poison pill amendment attached like national CCW or something crazy she’ll sign it and lick her licks and go drink our constitutions blood afterwards.

Obama will sign ANYTHING that comes his way, what is worse is after any Littleton, Virgina Tech, Trolley Square or ANYTHING he won’t wait for congress he’ll write it himself. What makes him worse, is that he is willingly ON RECORD as saying we need to ban EVERYTHING in civilian hands. Handguns, Rifles, all shapes, sizes, calibers and worse.

So again where does that leave us?

That leaves us with 327 days to prepare. George on Madogre.com says that Ammo is our Achilles heel and he’s right. Every American should start stocking up. We also need to assess our current collections and see what we have, what we don’t have and work to clear up as much of the “WHAT WE NEED” as possible. In my safe I have hunting rifles, mil-surp from WW1/WW2. But I’m desperately short on Semi Auto rifles, which ironically would be the first banned. So my plan, I’m buying as many as I can afford, at least a half dozen mags each and as much ammo as my kids can pay off.

Will it do any good? I don’t know. I don’t have a magic ball. But I will say this, I believe that the constitution of our nation was inspired by god, i.e. GOD INSPIRED, God Given Rights.

So what is your only course of action when someone tries to “infringe” or legislate away a god given right?

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