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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My First Novel

Hey Everyone I'm writing a novel, mentioned it before but had the thought that I should link to it directly so I'm attaching a link here and including it in the favorites Section. I'm writing it on a forum called The High Road sister forum to Armed Polite Society. Both great websites for individual minded folks. Keep it polite we're family people.

It's called Bite Me: A Story of the End of the World.

It's a zombie survival story. There's some cussing (sorry mom but you know).

I'm writing it serially, so you'll be able to offer feedback while I write it. Of course several readers have complained I have slow fingers so...

Of course in order to give feedback you'll have to be a member of THR so ;) make a membership and after reading my story, you'll have to stick around and enjoy the other parts THR has to offer, of course if your friends with me I imagine you will!

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