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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

America 2009 meet America 2008

I'd like to introduce everyone to President Obama. He won last Novembers Presidential elections in a landslide over some angry old white guy. He's hot stuff right now because he's eloquent and previous pres. Bush, not so much. Why did Obama win? Well Obama won because... Democrats wanted to take the White House and Obama managed to convince them that he was the most DEMOCRAT of any DEMOCRAT while managing to convince most of the rest of America that he wasn't a Clinton or a Bush. And sadly the Republicans, they just wanted "change."

Well we changed into John McCain, the epitomy of an impotent angry old white guy... FUN CHANGE! Why is it every time we elect the guy whose "time it is" to run for President the Elephants lose? Anyone remember Bob Dole?

Of course against Mr. Style over Sustenance Hussein Obama I don't think any Republican has a chance. Unless he asks Hillary to be his running mate (PLEASE LET HIM ASK HILLARY TO BE HIS RUNNING MATE!)

So what happens in 2009?

America Loses. We lose the War on Terror, of course thats a misnomer, but we will be attacked again. We lose our economy. We lose our freedoms and therin lies the rub. As a nation we don't care about liberty and freedom.

We care about... Healthcare? I think our founding fathers would be ashamed of us. And with good reason.

We don't want to be a nation of men, we want to be a nation of nannied children.

Welcome Nanny why don't you come stay for at least four years!

America was colonized by people fleeing Europe for freedom and economic potential. There's no where left to run.

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