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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I must admit I feel strangely naseaus at the sheer volume of excuses make for their behavior, their financial situation, the behavior of their children, their driving and so much more. Whose fault is it? Not theirs apparently.

There are two sides to being responsible. One is to acknowledge a duty, a need, or a behavior that either must be met or must be avoided and then following through. The second side to that is when you fail to live up to those expectations, accepting that responsibility, not like a politician, but in reality accepting the consequences that go with it.

I think that is one of the major dividing lines on the two major political idealogies ( I don't say parties because they no longer reflect the will of the people) in our country.

Side one says you screwed up, it's your mess you fix it or at least deal with it.
Side two says you screwed up, let me fix it for you.

This causes people who don't have the will or the fortitude to be mature adults and face their own issues to side with the party that will be more personally beneficial for them and clean up after them thus keeping the nanny party in a form of popular power. You notice when they can motivate their base to not go shopping with that welfare check and go vote they win elections, when they can't they lose.

What is most disgusting to me is the continual cry for pity from people who have made a mess of their lives and yet refuse to take responsibility for it. "It's not my fault I couldn't stay out of that back seat when I was in high school and got knocked up." Yet here in this country we have the most opportunities for success than any other country has available. I still believe that.

Option 1: Our country pours BILLIONS into government subsidized education. If you want to better yourself YOU CAN DO IT! The only excuse for not is like, school will totally mess with your social life! Or your homies just won't understand holmes!

Option 2: Our military offers a person a great opportunity to work, make a paycheck, have health benefits, AND GET THEIR EDUCATION PAID FOR! Unless you have a physical inability to enter the armed services...

Option 3: Get a job! There are thousands of jobs in this country that will not only pay well for someone who is eager and willing to work, but also to help in your education, see Verizon Wireless, sprint and most major corporations.

Suck it up, it's your life, deal with it!

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