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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lands End

What is important to you?

What fills you with passion?

What would you do to protect or preserve that?
I've been listening to people as we prepare to elect a new leader of the free world. And what I hear is silence amongst the noise. No one seems to want to do things right.

Worse it appears 99% of Americans don't understand the role of the federal government or what it is supposed to do. Heck 95% of Americans still think the Federal Government was responsible for the people of New Orleans and should have stepped in even when the city and state claimed they had everything under control. So much for states rights. Oh yeah the state was too busy to actually take care of people, yep too busy disarming non violent non criminal civilians. And yet no one dares to suggest that Obama would ever do this were he to take office.

How many people know the score of last nights game but can't tell you ten policies that the top three, scratch that, their preferred candidate even, is presenting to change America? Can you?

Finally I am sick and tired of everyone who mentions the word race, heritage, black, africa, arab, terrorism, immigration control, or any other related word is AUTOMATICALLY DUBBED A RACIST! That isn't what America is supposed to be, but we don't have freedom of speech, we have freedom as long as it's not controversial. Worse I am sick and tired of REVERSE racism! I am caucasian. My ancestors were scandanavians. Vikings from Norway and Sweden who conquered and raided much of Europe finally settling in England/Ireland/Scotland and Germany and Switzerland. I am not ashamed. But when was the last time Caucasians took a day to celebrate OUR heritage? Personally I think my ancestors would be ashamed of us for acting as ashamed of them as we do.

America celebrates Black History month where we show pictures not just of the civil rights struggle of the 60's but of ancient tribes dancing in Africa fine heritage. We also have a Hugo Chavez day, hell we even have Hugo Chavez High School here in Phoenix. Great let's celebrate a communist who stole from his own people. yay for brown pride! So where is the Caucasion Holiday?

How about a Caledonian Day! St. Patricks Day is close but doesn't count. It used to till it was turned in to a day to imbibe massive volumes of alcohol. YAY we're DRUNK!

So I here by refuse to apologize for being proud of my heritage. I'm going to wear my kilt with pride, I recommend every man of similar ancestry find a way to show his or her strength in their heritage. If you don't know it, learn it. there is no excuse and if you don't you shame yourself before them.

I will no longer apologize for my ancestors. They probably kicked your ancestors asses and took their women over a thousand years ago! deal with it!

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